Hi! I'm Frank! The two tiny ones, are my kids. ​I'm born and raised in Rhode Island (I like to conveniently gloss over my first three years in Fall River, shhh). I graduated from URI in the early aughts, and have made southern Rhode Island my home.  Over the years, I have been many things: computer geek, marketing and event coordinator, and volunteer and career Paramedic. Currently, I am the Nursing Simulation Lab Coordinator, at the New England Institute of Technology; which is basically every previous career I've had, all rolled into one.

I have loved photography ever since experimenting with my dad's Canon AE-1. I took it with me to college and captured some of my most fond memories. When my daughter was born, my interest in photography sparked back up. I love taking pictures of her and my son, and I am constantly amazed at how fast they are changing. My daughter is also a photographer in training, with a little Crayola digital camera!

I enjoy photographing pretty much anything, and enjoy the challenge of shooting something new. My images represent memories for people, and the idea that they will live on long after I'm forgotten, is pretty cool. When I shoot a wedding, I know that someday their grandkids will see those pictures, and get to see their grandparents younger, and in a much different time. 

If it matters, I do have proper training. I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, and hold a certificate in Professional Photography. :-)